Mid-Autumn 2022 Classic Mooncake Gift Box Hamper Set with Specialty Flower Tea and Healthy Snack
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Brand PAI
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 25 cm x 6 cm
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Limited Edition Momoyama Skin Mooncake with Healthy ingredient, Less Sugar, No additive.

The Mooncakes are baked by Hotel Grade Mooncake Specialty Manufacturer with HACCP Cartified

Combination of Flower Tea & Health snack, bundle with traditional Paper lanterns & colorful candle are no doubts the best GIFTS to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festive!

Inspired by the beauty of traditions, we celebrate the time-honoured festival of Mid Autumn by infusing meaningful 'Tuan Yuan' (Chinese meaning - Reunion) elements into our designs for a gift filled with significance and blessings.

PAI mooncake hamper series has Specialty flower teas and healthy mix nuts which are the perfect pairing for sweet mooncakes and are therefore very appropriate gift options. The pair brings out the best of each other and creates a cultural feast of the senses on a full moon night.

May the blessings of CLASSIC, SIGNATURE & FORTUNE fill your hearts and homes, and those of your loved ones as you get together in this wonderful festive season.

What's in the box
  1. • 90g Momoyama Skin Pumpkin Sweet Potato in individual pack
  2. • 90g Momoyama Black Sesame Jasmine Tea in individual pack
  3. • 90g Momoyama Skin Chen Pi Red Bean in individual pack
  4. • 15g Premium Grade Rose Bud Flower Tea
  5. • 15g Premium Grade Chrysanthemum Flower Tea
  6. • 2pcs traditional cutie paper lantern + 2pcs of colourful candle
  7. • Mid-Autumn greeting card with personalized message • Eco Design Gift Box Packing