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Portable Nano Hydrating/Disinfectant Sprayer Mist Beauty Instrument
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Product SKU 40020259-NANOMIST
Brand Flashideas
Size (L x W x H) 4 cm x 4 cm x 10 cm
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Spray thermal: cold spray

The fog Time: 10 seconds

Package Included: Nano Sprayer + USB Nano water tank + Charging cable

Hydrating function:

Deep water moisturizing on skin and best tool for anti-aging

Reduce Wrinkles and increase skin elastic.

Promote blood circulation, prevent acne, dark circle and fine lines


Disinfectant Function (with use of alcohol and sanitizer):

Effective sanitize spray for body (avoid face area), objects and surface

Kill germs, viruses and bacteria


Frequent ask questions:

If Nano spray does not emit fog/cannot be used:

Make sure that the product is fully charged!

-How to judge whether there is electricity?

When the product lights up, there is electricity. If there is no light, there is no electricity.

Make sure you use ordinary water instead of essential oil!

-If essential oil is used, dilute the ratio of water: essential oil = 20:1; -If using alcohol, please dilute with alcohol below 75° according to the ratio of water: alcohol = 10:1

Correct operation steps: Fill it with water → press the switch key → let it spray for a while to expel the air in the product to form a negative pressure (the water in the process is flowing out from the spray port instead of spraying) → after the negative pressure is formed, it can be used normally



Machine maintenance:

1. timely clean instrument to prevent oil pollution and other dirt precipitation,

2. do not use gasoline or corrosion of cleaner to clean the plastic

3. do not expose products in high temperature or wet of environment

4. store in a dry and cool place.

5. Empty the water tank when not in use for long period of time

6. charging time is strictly prohibited more than 12 hours.


What's in the box

Nano Sprayer + USB Nano water tank + Charging cable