Essential Oil Wood Diffuser 扩香木精油木
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Brand PAI
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 3 cm x 5 cm
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❤️ Exquisite, small, and portable

❤️ No need to ignite a fire, add water, or even use any electricity

❤️ Can play with your hand (which can relieve your stress, tension and anxiety)

❤️ The appearance will get darker & woodier after use, which best as a natural decoration

❤️ The aroma from diffuser wood is not that strong but the scent is more long lasting

❤️ Add 4 ~ 5 drops of essential oil into the concave part of diffuser wood, and it will works the magic.

What is Wood Diffuser?

Essential oil has a pleasant fragrance, but it evaporates quickly into the air, so we need a "container" to temporarily store the fragrance, and then slowly release it into the air. Wood diffusers are excellent "containers". The fiber pores in the wood can absorb essential oils, slow down the volatilization, and hence make the fragrance lighter, natural, and more long-lasting. In addition, both essential oils and wood diffusers are extracted from plants in nature, which are inherently makes them the most natural way for aroma diffusion.

Places to use: Handbag/backpack, Car, Wardrobe, Under the pillow(to help sleep) & etc

Product Specification:

Wood Types:Beech, Walnut, Cypress 

Size:5cm (Height)× 3cm (Width)

Diffusion Area: Small area, around 0.5m

Suggested EO: Oil-based EO. Can mix different EO to make your very own blend